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Chassis screw thread how do draw

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Chassis screw thread how do draw

release date:2014-12-23 00:00 Source:http://ripamagrilimited.com

Today there is a potential customer by telephone to find our record of solid screw Mr Zhu, said they have cabinet with screws slip teeth phenomenon. The purchase does not know what causes the cabinet screws slip teeth. The procurement, said he found on the Internet we create solid, and see that we wrote a lot of expertise on the screws, I feel we are very professional. So call me to ask.

In fact, for that matter, it is too simple. The main reason is because in the cabinet with screws insufficient hardness. Or the use of bad material screw, material bad. With screw timber line is bad, so the screw itself hardness is not enough. Probably because no screws hardening process. Or add a hard, put the screws too hard hardness added. Forced a play, it certainly would slip teeth, or even the screws are cut off. Where, when playing the screws, which there are some problems. For example, excessive force. Excessive force will lead to screw slip teeth, or simply broken.

To learn more about the screw slip teeth expertise can read previous record solid screw Mr Zhu wrote the article - Quality Problems screw slip teeth. Better understanding of this phenomenon screw slip teeth. In order to better handle screw slip teeth phenomenon.

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