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Combination bolt size pad size problem

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Combination bolt size pad size problem

release date:2014-12-23 00:00 Source:http://ripamagrilimited.com

Combination of bolts, we are also called combination screws, but mainly refers to the combination of the outer hexagonal screws. In many cases, there are a lot of buyers or sales personnel screws, are not clear combinations of different sizes using bolt flat pad size of the problem. Now the record solid screw Mr Zhu to give us a presentation. Convenient after we met. It can be a reference.

Combination of bolts according to specifications. There the M3, M4's, M5's, M6's, M8's. They have the corresponding pad size is too much! Here to tell us about the combination of bolt sizes M3 flat pad size of seven big, of course, square pad for six large. M4 bolt combination pad is generally nine large. Of course, there are also eight large. Oh, look at this customer requirements. M5 bolt combinations generally flat pad 10, M6 bolt combinations generally 12 large flat pad, M8 bolt size is usually a combination of 16 large flat pad.

With the combination of bolt before the flat pad with different specifications size standard, the next encounter when asked bolt pad size combinations, we can quickly found out. Flat pad to quickly know how much time is up. Also can quickly make buyers feel that we are a professional screw people.

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