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Screw manufacturers quality supervisor how to manage quality control screw

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Screw manufacturers quality supervisor how to manage quality control screw

release date:2014-12-23 00:00 Source:http://ripamagrilimited.com

General manufacturing screw factory in the quality director, is to control the management of the company produced by the screw quality problems. A good quality manager, of course, have engaged in screw quality management quality management experience in a number of years. We have a wealth of professional manufacturing screws quality management professional knowledge. Like screw head type quality management, quality management screw thread, screw plating quality management.

A screw quality management supervisor how to manage the company produced by the screw quality questions! How to better control the quality of the company's good quality, excellent quality too! This depends on technology and quality management experience quality supervisor. For this problem, the next record solid screw Zhujing brief. For reference and learning.

Regardless of the quality of the tube well, not all problems quality supervisor:

1. The level of the quality of your company's attitude determines a company's quality control direction, which is not shouting slogans, but to maximize the quality department permission to allow quality assurance personnel have absolute control on the quality right, screw industry, has always been technicians speak ranked first, quality assurance second, if not changed, a quality assurance supervisor then has the ability to reach and white.

2. The staff stability, and now all the company's staff turnover is very high, if not reduce, not increase quality of professional staff, lack of pan quality awareness, product quality is also not go up;

3. The company processes, whether clear division of departmental functions in place, and if not, there will be a process of a section no control, they may appear more than one individual to manage, and control standard and caliber are not the same, etc., will influence decision-making After execution, execution is not in place, quality assurance supervisor can only be a decoration, a problem, cheek to let Mama do not forget.

A quality company is good or bad, are a variety of reasons, to do well, you must:

1. full participation, full importance (quality);

2. Each department functions clear, detailed division of labor;

Each row 3. Each department its responsibility, courage to face the problem, not solve the problem of encounter, do not hide, but to discuss the relevant departments to resolve;

4. After the issue is resolved to form document management and control, in order to prevent the problem from happening again kind of formula, but also conducive to the accumulation of technology companies.

5. manpower based on market prices, timely amendment of the company's personnel file (wages, benefits, etc.), to stabilize the personnel to enhance the rate of older workers leaving plant.

6. To clear reward and punishment system.

More than six o'clock is indispensable, they lack that point, any quality assurance supervisor will now have to incompetence.

In fact, in charge of this seat screw quality of course very important, but the company produced by the screw quality is not to say the quality control manager in charge of a lot of good energy. The key had to rely on the company's beginning and Roll technicians, screw head shape playing beautiful teeth pass only the regulation of rubbing too. Technical tolerance in all aspects of compliance with the national standard or customer request. That surely is good quality.

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